Craik-Patton House – Charleston, WV

craik-pattonweb.jpgCraik-Patton House – Charleston, WV

This relatively modest house built in 1834 by the Rev. James Craik is known as the Craik-Patton House and allows those that visit to get a glimpse of how life was in that time period.  Here you will experience the days of petticoats and carriages, quilting bees and quill pens.  You will hear the stories of the homes early inhabitants and their close ties to George Washington as well as to Col. George Smith Patton, the grandfather of WWII General George Patton and a casulty of the Civil War.

The Greek revival house is open for tours from April through October for a small fee. The clapboard house may not be as large and impressive as some you will see in West Virginia but the history will certainly be well worth the stop.

Along with the tours and the talks of history you can experience some of what it was like in those days by being there when Craik-Patton plays hot to special programming including Civil War encampments andexhibitions of frontier living.

When it was first constructed the house was known as "Elnm Grove."  It is located on the midland Trail (WV Rt. 60) along the banks of the Kanawha River.

As for the ties to George Washington as Craik’s grandfather was Washington’s personal physician and the first Surgen General of the Continental Army.  He traveled a great deal with Washington during the days of Washington’s surveying work, much of it in West Virginia.

Then there was Dr. Craik’s son, George Washington Craik, who continued the association with Washington by serving as President Washington’s secretary during his second term in office.

When James Craik was chosen to lead a new Episcopal church in Kentucky the house was sold to Isaac Reed who owned the house until George Patton bought it in 1858. 

The history of the Patton family is also told during the tour.  The Patton’s son George Smith Patton II was born. George Patton Jr’s son, General George Smith Patton III became the most renowned of the Pattons through his outstanding generalship during WW II.

Location: WV RT 60, Charleston, WV

Tours: Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.  Other tours available by appointment.

Phone: 304-925-5341

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  1. My father, Paul Vaughan, AIA, did a considerable amount of research and was the primary architect involved in the restoration of the Craik-Patton Home. I personally remember when the house was used as a dance studio on East Lee Street, one block east of the old Charleston High School. My dad showed me the reference books he used to make the restoration as authentic as possible. I have never been inside the house and would love to see what the senior Vaughan accomplished.

  2. I have seen your house/museum before and I really like it.

  3. Jeremy Craik Wade

    I attended the opening of the Craik-Patton home with my grandfather Edward W Craik son of James Craik. Having toured many historic homes in and around Louisville Ky,I was equally impressed by this home. There are only a few Craiks left and we are very proud of our heritage. I do attend Christ Church Cathedral, the church that my great-grandfather Rev. James came to Lou. to lead. If you enjoy touring historic homes this is a can’t miss. Please stop by and picnic in the front yard before you tour the home. We receive no money so don’t think that I’m just drumming up business.

  4. Well I feel like I have come home in away. My Mother (Irene I Craik) came from KS. many years ago. That branch of the family settled in S.CA. area. Her brother was named Darrell Craik and he is the inventor of the “O” ring for the space shuttle. He was a very kind gentleman.

    My other Uncle–Paul Craik delivered cleaning to the Patton home in Pasadena Ca—Patton had a sister that answered the door. According to my uncle and another friend she was a very imposing woman.

    Its has been wonderful running across your site.

    According to my grandparents there was a wing of the family that went to Canada—